– Private Yoga & Meditation instruction: personalized asana, pranayama, and meditation instruction. One hour sessions. $75-95. Packages available. Offered In-home or In-studio. Call Michele for more info ~  (813) 401-6534

– “Transformation Yoga” sessions: Customized private sessions that address any area of life that you’d like to transform or gain peace with by focusing on creating change in the subtle body.  A session includes energy assessments, reiki and breath-work, angelic channeling and guidance, and specific movement (asana) practices to encourage energetic balancing.  Sessions are complete when the shift is made and typically last 2 to 2.5 hours.  $170- Call Michele for more info ~  (813) 401-6534

Reiki / Energy Work: Private Reiki sessions- 30 and 60 minute sessions. Long distance healings available. First session is $95 and lasts as long as needed. Follow-up sessions are $45 per half hour.

Angel Readings: channeling archangel advice and guidance. Guidance in connecting with your higher power and refining your intuition. 30 min readings – $45. Long-distance on line readings available.




I was very impressed with the degree of insight and professionalism that Michele displayed during my Transformation Yoga session. She took the time to get to know me and to help me clarify my goals for the session. Michele’s gentle guidance helped me feel safe and comforted as she performed Reiki and led me through an angel card reading. The card reading blew me away as I saw all of my current wishes for my life, and challenges, laid out in front of me! She even followed up with some notes on her observations and suggestions for continuing my growth. I would highly recommend a session with her to anyone approaching a major change or feeling unclear about their direction in life. Michele is a truly gifted practitioner. ~Michelle Fletcher