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Pāda Sneha – (sanskrit for Foot Love)
60ml Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle w Dropper $18.00

Pāda Sneha – (sanskrit for Foot Love)
30ml Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle w Dropper $12.00

This delicious blend of oils soak easy into the feet for deep healing. Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda (the sister-science of yoga) Pāda Sneha is used for abyhanga. Abyhanga is the loving application of oils to the skin and self massage. This blend is particularly designed to sooth sore, dry or tired feet. The practice of Abyhanga is an excellent tool for grounding the spirit and soothing the nervous system.
Suggested uses: Grief Management – Anxiety symptoms – dry feet – sore feet – self care routines – healthy nail beds-  healthy feet – healthy skin – aromatherapy
Details:  a proprietary blend of organic nut oils and essential oils with lavender notes. All organic. Not for consumption. Made for the feet but can be applied all over the body.


SOAK– is designed for a deeply replenishing hot bath. The magnesium of Epsom Salts soaks in to soothe sore bodies and sore spirits.

Pour about two generous handfuls into a hot bath. Soak for 20 min maximum. The minerals will draw out lactic acid of sore muscles and absorb in quickly. The essential oils offer a pleasant aroma.

If you are extra sore from a hard workout, do not rinse off. Drip dry and shower in the morning. That way the salts can continue to work through the night.


Fine Glass Apothocary Jars

125ml glass Apothocary Jar – $15

250ml glass Apothocary Jar – $25



small_Soak_bagSalt Refills- in sturdy plastic bags
1oz Gusseted Resealable Bag (for foot soak) $2

12 oz Gusseted Resealable Bag $10

32oz Gusseted Resealable Bag $22

Suggested uses:  sore muscles- magnesium deficiency – bodily fatigue – sooth emotional fatigue – clear energetic field – Grief Management – Anxiety symptoms –  – self care routines – counter-act psychic attack- support immune system- aromatherapy

Details: a proprietary blend of salts and essential oils.  All natural. Not for consumption.



FIZZY BATH BALLS- enjoy UPLIFTING or ENERGY- SHIFTING FIZZY BALLS. The ingredients soften the skin without stripping natural oils. This prepares the feet or body for Pada Sneha to be easily absorbed.

Bag of three (3)whole UPLIFTING FIZZY BALLS $15

Bag of three (3)whole ENERGY-SHIFTING FIZZY BALLS $15

Details: a proprietary blend of  magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and essential oils. UPLIFTING is a citrus oil blend. ENERGY-SHIFTING is a lavender and peppermint blend. All natural. Not for consumption.



ANGEL MIST-  This High Energy mist is designed to shift and up-level the energy of a person or space. A few spritzes can improve mood or the general feeling of a room. The subtle fragrance is uplifting. What makes this holy water most powerful is that it is infused with the energetic resonance of Archangels.

Archangel Michael : fights fear and brings power
Archangel Azrael: helps with change, grief, transition
Archangel Raphael: promotes healing, peace

(NOTE: this water contains essential oils that may stain sensitive fabrics. Shake well; aim into the space around a person or into the corners & empty spaces of a room.)

Cobolt Blue Mister 60ml- $12 each

Details: a proprietary blend of  distilled water and essential oils.  All natural. Not for consumption. Avoid spraying directly onto clothing for sensitive fabrics.


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